I started creating a few websites during Covid-19 Lockdown. It was a time to walk and write and garden and reflect so – “Trial and Error Unlimited”  was around creating a website.

Information – I wanted to impart useful information and resources that were not always easy to access to a non-industry expert.

Products – I wanted to share some of our research into things that we found really useful during our own projects and experiences of renovating and living in a “Tiny home” while we did some of them.

Health benefits – I wanted to share some of the things that helped my late husband during his courageous fight against cancer. They were simple remedies that made his life that little bit better, while he was undergoing invasive treatments.

Youtube – it was an excellent way of learning new skills and utilising each new skill became a journey itself in “Trial and Error Unlimited”.

So inside WordPress I began creating a website, but it was still reasonably expensive for what was really just a hobby. Plus there was this topic of “administration” the Gurus referred to –  What? Why does my piddly website need a ministry of admin people?

So I looked at Hosting services…how to move my website across and with that, it seemed that all my new skills evaporated into a few silly questions.

Enter Upworks… and with it many people that clearly weren’t using Trial and Error in developing their website skills! They had actually studied and been born into the Digital World.

So it was that I came across my very own “Digital Native”. Let’s call him MAK.

There have been many things that I have learnt along the way, but this one person was an enormous help. I could ask him silly questions and he did not laugh too long at the absurdity of my questions, which clearly lacked the experience required in HTML and Coding!

He was a huge help even though some days I felt we were speaking different languages. I have now mastered things myself at my tender age and am constantly surprised that I actually learnt how to create a website with all of my mistakes that seemed too big to overcome at first. This one is the third website that I have built.

I wanted to dedicate this website “gentlelifehacks.com” to not only my late husband and sister who both fought courageous battles against cancer, but also to the many others who are fighting illness in one way or another, and to their family members who care for them. It is not easy for those who feel helpless against all odds, while their loved ones fight disease.

So for anyone like me, who has years of expertise and experience in another field, and wants to give back to their industry by way of blogging or pointing people in the right direction by “paying it forward” have a go at building your own website.

I have been introduced to the wonderful world of plugins, SEO, analytics, bump rates, and am still learning. It is a whole different world to the “no internet” one that I grew up in. Go on…have some fun. You might just find that you will enjoy it!

Yours sincerely


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