Are you spending too much time gaming or on your mobile phone?
A huge percentage of children play video games and studies show an unhealthy percentage can get addicted to them.
Did you also know that the World Health Organisation have recognised gaming addiction as a disease.

Anti social behaviour and video games

Studies have also shown that a large proportion of teens experience uncontrollable anger and rage while playing video games and that this unhealthy feeling of being defeated results in further feelings of no control.
Some video game addicts become more concerned with their interactions in the game than what is happening in their own lives.
Those that are addicted often neglect their personal hygiene, or gain or loose weight, and become anti social or lie about how much time they spend playing these video games.
Although Video games can be a nice social and fun thing to do with friends, it is important to recognise that when you get addicted it can become really unhealthy.

Teenagers and sleep deprivation from gaming

Many teens confess to staying up late playing games rather than sleeping so this can also lead to stress and anxiety.
Our brains need to rest so getting enough sleep is very necessary.
Parents can help their children and teenagers by setting time limits for them to be allowed to play the games and not allow mobile phones or gadgets in bedrooms at night..
They can encourage them to do other activities and exercise as there is also a health risk associated with sitting and playing for long stretches at a time.
They can also install apps that restrict the time limits of play time on a game.
Some apps can even limit the access to specific games, while others can lock the player out of the device altogether during a set time.
  • For example:
  • Computer programs like Game Boss can set time limits on games or block your access to gaming websites.
  • If you play games in a web browser, try an extension like StayFocusd for Chrome or LeechBlock for Firefox.
  • For phone games, try apps like Off time or BreakFree to set time limits, track your game usage, or block your access to gaming apps.
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